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The encomienda system had several negative effects on the Spaniards. Some of those were that the natives were exploited and treated badly, the religious beliefs of the natives were threatened and even destroyed and the natives faced severe discrimination due to the system.

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Q: What is the bad effect of encomienda system?
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One effect of the encomienda system in latin America was that it?

exploited indigenous people

What was the spanish forced labor system?

the answer is encomienda. :D

Was encomienda system good or bad to the Filipinos?

The encomienda system in the Philippines was generally harmful to the Filipino people. It involved forced labor, exploitation, and abuse of the native population by Spanish colonizers, leading to suffering and death among the indigenous communities. Despite being intended as a form of protection and education, the system was heavily exploitative and oppressive.

How do you use encomienda in a sentence?

The encomienda was a dependency relation system.

What spanish system gave settlers the right to tax local native americians?

encomienda system

What was the effect of the encomienda system on the native Americans living in Spanish colonies?

They were forced to work in gold or silver mines or on plantations.

The Encomienda system required spanish colonists to do what?

The Encomienda system required Spanish colonists to care for the native people.

What encomienda system required spanish colonist to do?

The Encomienda system required Spanish colonists to care for the native people.

Which nation implemented the encomienda system in its American colonies?

The Spanish implemented the encomienda system when they first arrived on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. After they realized that the number of products to exploit were not as plentiful as they hoped, they went to Central (and South) America, where they carried on the encomienda system on the conquered minorities who helped them retrieve silver.

What abolished the encomienda system?

It was just replaced by the Hacienda system.

Encomienda system in the Philippines?

it is a system in which the spanish crown implemented

Name the person who introduced each system?

Encomienda system