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Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

8th amendment that's pretty much it. has some good info on the history of bail, here's a direct link to the PDF.

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Q: What is the bail requirement in the constitution?
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Is there a constitutional right to bail?

No. under UK legislation there is no right to bail, there is however, a presumption in favor of bail.

Can a person charged with Assault with a deadly weapon get bail in NC?

Yes. The right to be considered for bail (if you qualify) is protected by the US Constitution.

This amendment guarantees there will be no excessive bail Bail is the money an accused gives to the court to guarantee that he she will appear for his her trial.?

The Eighth Amendment to the US Constitution.

Why is an accused individual usually offered bail?

Anyone accused including yourself is innocent until proven guilty. People have a right to bail, to a certain extent that is. The right to bail is also contained in the Constitution.

In what article of the constitution says the requirement of the state of the Union?

There is no requirement for State of the Union addresses in the Constitution. These addresses are at the discretion of each respective President and his or her cabinets.

Does the constitution or state protects citizens from arbitrary arrest and bail?

The constitution protects against arbitrary arrest and imprisonment that was suspended by Lincoln

What requirement are needed to become a bail bondsman in Queens N.Y.?

Money. A license and the completion of a course. These are the minimum requirement in every state. The course is given through the state police department but you can find out about it from your local one. The license can cost a pretty penny and of course you need money to post bail for other people.

When did they make it a requirement to be a US citizen for president?

They made this requirement when the founding fathers were writing the Constitution, at the beginning of the country.

What created the requirement that elected officials take an oath to support the Constitution?

why not

The constitution states that the minimum age requirement for the presidency is?


Where does Prohibition against excessive bail and fines can be found?

8th amendment to the constitution - also 8th on the bill of rights.

What constitutes excessive bail?

The constitution prevents excessive bail, however certain crimes are excluded from having bail. Certain murder charges and domestic violence as well as the courts determination of a defendants likelihood to flee will be sufficient to issue a NO BAIL. Numerous other charges carry a no bail as well. Just remember, the more heinous the crime the more chance it will carry a no bail set by the judge.