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Its 50:50

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Q: What is the balance between the Republicans and the Democrats in the Senate?
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How did the democrats did in the senate election?

As of now, the Democrats in the US Senate lost 8 seats to the Republicans. There will be more Republicans in the Senate, now, than Democrats, meaning the the Republicans will control the Senate. They already control the House.

How many Democrats are in the 112th congress?

There will be 197 democrats and 242 republicans.

How many Democrats in California Senate?

In the US Congress it is 34 Democrats and 19 Republicans.

How many republicans are there in the Alabama State Senate?

There are 10 republicans and 25 democrats.

How many democrats and republicans in senate are in Hawaii?


Is there more republicans or Democrats in the Senate?

As of the 112th Congress (2011-2013), the Democrats hold a 51 to 47 advantage in the Senate, with two Independents.

Which group has the most members of the Senate?

Currently, the Democrats outnumber the Republicans in the Senate.

Are democrats in power in congress?

During the 113th Congress (2013-2015), Democrats control the Senate and Republicans control the House of Representatives.

How many Democrats are in Congress?

110th congress has 202 republicans and 233 democrats in the House of Representatives. AND...49 republicans, 49 democrats, and 2 independents in the Senate.

What has both senate and house of representatives?

Congress. The senate is controlled by the democrats, the house by republicans.

When democrats and republicans in the house and the senate work together this is known as?


What are the major political parties in the House of Representatives and The senate?

The Republicans and the Democrats.