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Seniority refers to a giving privileges to people who have held a particular position for a longer period of time than others. An example of the seniority rule would be in government and Congress.

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Q: What is the best example of seniority rule?
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Which is the best example of the seniority rule?

A four-term senator is appointed to an important job over a first-term senator.

Which is one reason that people don't like the seniority rule?

New ideas are discouraged from the seniority rule

What are the two criticisms of the seniority rule?

The seniority rule ignores ability, rewards mere length of service, and works to discourage younger members.

How does a seniority rule function?

The seniority rule functions by looking at the number of years one has been in an institution. This is an ideology that is based on hierarchical age.

What is a sentence using the word seniority?

SENIORITY - the state of being elder (senior) in age or experience Example : "Congressional assignments are based on seniority." Example : "The employees were paid bonuses based on their seniority in the firm."

What changes have been made to the seniority rule in recent years?

There have been no significant changes to the seniority rule in recent years. The seniority rule, which prioritizes individuals with longer service or tenure, continues to be a widely used practice in various industries and organizations. While there may be some ongoing discussions and debates about the effectiveness and fairness of the seniority rule, there have been no major legislative or policy changes to alter its prominence.

What is the general practice rule by which congressional chairmen are selected?


Which house uses seniority rule?

The question does not appear to be Rugby orientated.

What is seniority rule?

Seniority rule is the tradition on the senate in which the chair of a committe is given to the most senior majority senator on that committee

What are advantages of seniority in congress?

because the seniors know that how to rule the nation because of their experience.

What is the reason that some people don't like the seniority rule?

it discourages new ideas

What is on reason some people don't like the seniority rule?

it discourages new ideas