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Q: What is the best known country?
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What country is best known for its watches?


Which country is best known for capers?


Which country is best known for providing the world with maple syrup?

The country is Canada.

Is Maldives the best country?

I would say Maldives is not the best country but is known as nicest country with natural beauty... So maldivians, Be proud !

Which country is best known for reggae music?


The phrase mother country is best assosiated with the economic philosophy known as?

The economic philosophy known as mercantilism was associated with the mother country.

What is the country that is the known as the worlds best basketball team?


What country is best known for corn beef and cabagge?


In what country will you find Warsaw?

The best known Warsaw is in Poland.

What is peter cooper best known for?

He was known to deliver mail across the country to many people.

What is William Kunstler best known for?

William Kunslter is best known as one of the country of America's more well known and controversial lawyers. He is most known for his defense of the Chicago Seven.

Which country has the best police?

The United Kingdom is known for housing some of the best Police in the world.