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a summit camp where only davids can go to. lol

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Q: What is the camp David summit?
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Camp david summit with arafat and Barack?

2000 Camp David Summit The 2000 Camp David Summit was convened by President Bill Clinton. It did not involve Barack Obama.

What actors and actresses appeared in Everest - 1998?

The cast of Everest - 1998 includes: Roger Bilham as Geologist David Breashears as Summit Team, USA Wong Chu Sherpa as Summit Team, sherpa Lhakpa Dorji as Summit Team, sherpa Muktu Lhakpa Sherpa as Summit Team, sherpa Tracy Pfau as Mountain Climber Robert Schauer as Summit Team, Austria Araceli Segarra as Summit Team, Spain Dorje Sherpa as Summit Team, sherpa Thilen Sherpa as Summit Team, sherpa Jangbu Sherpa as Summit Team, sherpa Chyangba Tamang as Base Camp Head Cook Jamling Tenzing Norgay as Summit Team, Nepal Sumiyo Tsuzuki as Documenter, Middle Camp Radio Contact Paula Viesturs as Base Camp Manager Ed Viesturs as Summit Team Leader, USA Beck Weathers as Climber

What was President Carters greatest foreign policy achievement?

Camp David accords

For whom was Camp David named?

Eisenhower named it Camp David for his grandson David Eisenhower.

When did David M. Camp die?

David M. Camp died in 1871.

When was David M. Camp born?

David M. Camp was born in 1788.

What is the peace agreement that president carter created for Egypt?

Camp David Accords

Who named Camp David and What is it name?

Camp David received its name from Dwight Eisenhower, in honor of his grandson, Dwight David Eisenhower II.

What president presided over the camp David accords?

Jimmy Carter was the President who facilitated the Camp David Accords.

Who was in office when camp david accord was signed?

At the time the Camp David Accord was signed, the U.S. president was Jimmy Carter.

Is Camp David apart of the benefits of the president?

Yes, the use of the retreat at Camp David is one of the perks given the President.

What was the name of Camp David before it was named Camp David?

Originally Camp David was known as Hi-Catoctin. In 1942 it was converted into a presidential retreat and renamed "Shangri-La" by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dwight D. Eisenhower, in honor of his father and grandson who shared the name, later renamed it Camp David.