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Dallas has several suburbs but the closest city, in my view, is Ft. Worth.

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Q: What is the closest city to Dallas?
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What city in Colorado is closest to Texas?

If coming from dallas TX what is the closest city in the state of Colorado

What city does allegiant air service closest to Houston Texas?

Dallas tx

What is the closest major city to Amarillo Texas?

My guess is Oklahoma City because Dallas is farther and i think Denver and Albuquerque may even be closer to Amarillo then Dallas is.

What is the closest city to Dallas from Mexico?

Nuevo Laredo, at the other side of the border from Laredo, TX.

What is the most inexpensive flight from Dallas to Santa Barbara or closest city?

None they are all cheap 247$ or 200$

Which airport is closest to Yankee Stadium?

Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport...referred to as D F W.

What is the closest aquarium to Dallas?

The Dallas World Aquarium is located in downtown Dallas.

Where is the cheapest place to go in march from Dallas?

Dallas, with a total cost of $0 if walking, would be the cheapest place to go. Something other than dallas would be the closest city to dallas. or other places in Texas or Louisiana Arkansas etc

Is Dallas a desert city?

No, the closest desert to Dallas is hundreds of miles away in far west Texas - the Chihuahuan Desert.

Where is the closest mountain to Dallas?

the closest are the ozarks, the chisos and the guadeloupe mountains

What major city is closest to the halfway point of dallas Texas and Pensacola Florida?

The halfway point is Tallulah LA, across the river from Vicksburg. The nearest large city is Jackson.

Is one direction coming to Oklahoma City Oklahoma?

No:( sadly I am a directioner and live in OKC but the closest they are going to be is in Dallas :( I wish they would come!