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The states that touch Kansas are Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Nebraska.

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Q: What is the closest state to Kansas?
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Which state is 81781 square miles?

Kansas is closest to this size.

What is the name and location of a Scion dealer in Shawnee County in Kansas?

There are no Scion dealerships in the state of Kansas. The closest dealership is in Champion Toyota in Austin Texas.

What is the closest state to Oklahoma?

Any state that borders it. No one state is closer to Oklahoma.

where is the closest woodworking shops in the Kansas City area?

Van-Am Tool & Engineering Incorporated of Kansas.

What is the closest sea to kansas city?

Galveston, Texas

Which city is closest to Kansas City?

Independence mo

What state is Kansas?

Kansas is the 34th state in the is the sunflower state.

Is Kansas state?

Kansas is the 34th state in the is the sunflower state.

What is the state food for kansas?

Kansas state food

Does Kansas have a fruit?

The US state of Kansas does not have an official state fruit.

Is Kansas a city or state?

both! Kansas City, Missouri .... Kansas, USA.

Where is the closest volcano to Kansas?

That would be in Missouri. The Johnson Shut-ins were created by a volcano. The Ozark Mountains and the Saint Francios Mountians are laced with some of the oldest valcanos in the world, so it makes it hard to trace them but they are there, non active of course!