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whatis the culture of region 1

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Q: What is the culture of region 1?
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What is the culture of region 1 in the philppines?

What are the languages in region 1 in the philippines

Culture and traditions of region 1?

tanung mo sa nanay mo

Does culture effect region or region affect culture or both?

Both culture and region can influence each other. Culture can shape the traditions, beliefs, and values of a region, while the region's geography, climate, and history can also impact the development of its culture. This interaction results in unique cultural identities that vary from one region to another.

Does every form a single culture region?

Does every country form.a single culture region

What are the different types of culture religion?

culture trait, culture region, culture diffusion

Is the US a cultural region?

yes it is a culture region

Why is South America considered a culture region?

the region is home to many various indigenous culture groups

What does a cluster of region in which a culture system exist?

What does "a cluster of region in which a culture system exist"? Poems + ? = LOVE

What is it called when a culture region permanently adopts a new culture trait from another region it has gone through?

Acculturation-"the adoption of the behavior patterns of the surrounding culture"

What is Ethiopia culture like?

Ethiopian culture is very diversified and complex one. It differs from region to region not help a all.

What is it called when several countries share the same culture?

culture region

Tradition and culture of region IV-A calabarzon?

arts and culture of calabarzon