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the declaration of inadapendance was an act saying that america was a indapendant nation

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Q: What is the declaration of indapendence?
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Who sighed the declaration of indapendence?

thomas jefferson

Who was the first singer of the declaration of indapendence?

john Hancock

Who signed the declaration of indapendence in Philadelphia?

Nacho libre

Why did the Americans write the Declaration of Indapendence?

To get freedom from the king in England

What year does the US's declaration of indapendence written?

4 July 1776

How many indivaduals signed the declaration of indapendence?

how many indivaduals signed the declaration of independence

The declaration of indapendence was mostly thework of?

search it up on google! dont click on wikipedia though

What happend in the Mexican indapendence?

The Mexicans gained indapendence from USA

How many men signed the American Declaration of Indapendence?

56 signers THE 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence form a fascinating cross section of late 18th-century America. Some were great men; some were not.

What did India developed after indapendence?


What year did the Mexicans get Indapendence?


Who wrote the declaation of indapendence which enlightenment philospher inspired him?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence. He was inspired by the ideas of Enlightenment philosophers such as John Locke, who believed in natural rights and the social contract theory.