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The rule by providing that evidence obtained bt illegal means may nonethless be admissible if the connection between the evidence and the illegal means is sufficiently remote. This is an exception to the "Fruits-of-the-Poisonous-Tree doctrine.

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Q: What is the definition of attenuation doctrine?
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Is attenuation an exception to fruits of the poisonous tree?

Yes. In Wong Sun, the Court applied the "attenuation concept" and said that if the link between the original illegal act and the final discovery of evidence (the fruit) is too remote or tenuous; the fruit of the poison tree doctrine should not be applied.

What is the definition of doctorine of corporate negligence?

The definition of doctrine of corporate negligence is a legal doctrine which will hold health facilities responsible for the well-being of patients. Due diligence is expected from these corporate facilities.

Does attenuation happen when EM wave travels in space?

There is no attenuation due to absorption, but attenuation will occur due to divergence (spreading out) of the wave.

What is a good value for dB attenuation?

A good value for dB attenuation depends on the specific application. In general, higher dB attenuation values indicate better noise reduction or signal loss. For example, a dB attenuation value of 20-30 dB is commonly seen in noise-canceling headphones, while 40-60 dB attenuation is typical for industrial ear protection.

How do you reduce attenuation effects?

To reduce attenuation effects, you can use signal amplifiers to boost the signal strength, use high-quality cables with lower loss, minimize the length of the cable runs, and avoid sharp bends or kinks in the cables. Additionally, you can install signal repeaters or extenders along the transmission path to maintain signal integrity.

What is breast attenuation as in nuclear stress test?

Breast attenuation in a nuclear stress test refers to the reduced amount of radiation that reaches the heart due to absorption by breast tissue. This can affect the accuracy of the test results by making it difficult to visualize the heart adequately. Techniques such as prone imaging or adjusting camera angles may be used to minimize this effect.

Where can you find information about attenuation?

Attenuation means the reduction of signal strength during transmission. If one is looking for information about attenuation, it can be found on the Wikipedia website.

What is the definition of catastrophism?

The doctrine that the geological changes in the earth's crust have been caused by the sudden action of violent physical causes; -- opposed to the doctrine of uniformism.

What is the definition of dogma?

* a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof * a doctrine or code of beliefs accepted as authoritative; "he believed all the Marxist dogma"

Non-desructive attenuation for attenuation measurement in optical fiber?

Because race car.

What is the definition of legislative clearance?

It is the doctrine that helps the executive branch speak with one voice.

What is the definition and examples of mutualism?

The doctrine of mutual dependence as the condition of individual and social welfare.