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Marshall Plan, Truman doctrine and I guess you could include the Eisenhower Doctrine as well.

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The truman doctrine

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Q: What was the US promise to support countries against communism?
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American support of countries opposed to communism?

Truman Doctrine

What was Truman's pledge of support for countries that rejected communism?


Why didnt you support Ho Chi Mihn?

The US was against communism.

The impact of McCarthyism help Republicans win support by?

Making Democrats look soft against communism

The impact of the mccarthyism helped republicans win support by?

Making Democrats look soft against Communism.

The Potsdam meeting resulted in American support of countries opposed to Communism?


Why did Truman fight to support many European and Asian countries following World War 2?

To my understanding the reason Truman helped the Europeans and Asian countries was because of communism, when countries are weak and poor they fall to communism and he didn't want that.

How did the US try to contain communism using military methods?

Yes. The United States attempted to stop the USSR from spreading communism by supplying armaments, financing, and military support to countries on the verge of falling into a communistic government. The Korean Police Action and Vietnamese Conflict were attempts at stopping communism from overtaking the countries of Korea and Vietnam. The United States aided Afghanistan in the ten year war against Russia, which was an effort in keeping communism out of the Middle East.

What was the impact of McCarthyism helping republicans win support?

making Democrats look soft against Communism.

What was The impact of McCarthyism helped Republicans win support by?

making Democrats look soft against Communism.

What was true of both Richard nixion and Ronald Reagan?

they gained popular support by speaking out against communism in the united states

What promised to help any country fighting communism?

in 1947, the truman doctrine said that we would support "free peoples who are resisting attempter subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures" specifically greece and turkey at that time. he gave those countries $400 million to help fight communism, but the US did not help hungary when they were revolting against communism in 1956.