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To my understanding the reason Truman helped the Europeans and Asian countries was because of communism, when countries are weak and poor they fall to communism and he didn't want that.

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Q: Why did Truman fight to support many European and Asian countries following World War 2?
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American support of countries opposed to communism?

Truman Doctrine

What was Truman's pledge of support for countries that rejected communism?


Was The Truman Doctrine was in support of giving billions of dollars for European economic recovery?

Not these days.

How did the Marshall Plan continue the Truman Doctrine?

the Marshall plan continued it by buying and supporting the smaller European countries.

What was the US promise to support countries against communism?

Marshall Plan, Truman doctrine and I guess you could include the Eisenhower Doctrine as well.

What According to the Truman doctrine how did the United States intend to stop the spread of communism?

One way that the Truman Doctrine was used to stop the spread of communism is by his policy called containment. This was a way to pour money and supplies into war-torn countries, keep them afloat and stop the spread of communism. Another example is the Marshal Plan that also gave money to European countries in return for support.

Which of the following were issued in 1947 declaring the US would support nations being threatened by communism?

Truman doctrine

What was the Truman doctrine?

U.S Policy to contain communism (APEX)

Which action by Western liberal democracies was intended to win support in Europe and slow the spread of communism following World War 2?

The Truman Doctrine promised support to any nation battling communism.

What was the truma doctrine?

The Truman Doctrine was a doctrine that the US used to help European countries become financially stable after the world war II

What was the attempt to aid European countries after world war 2?

Following WWII, most European countries were completely destroyed, economically, industrially and agriculturally. In fear of many European nations falling prey to communism, the United States set up the Truman Doctrine on 12 March, 1947, which allocated $400 million to Greece and Turkey in military and economic aid. Due to the success of the Doctrine, the Marshall Plan was created in June of 1948. The Marshall Plan was direct economic aid for any democratic European nation who needed it. At its end in 1951, the Marshall Plan cost the United States over $13 billion.

When communist forces was attempting to gain control in Greece and turkey how did harry Truman respond?

He created the Truman Doctrine, which protected other countries from communism.