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(in the US) There is no such distinction. There are only STATE Supreme Courts (one per state) and the U.S. Supreme Court.

EXCEPT in New York State, where each county outside of New York City has both a County Court and a Supreme Court (and also a Family Court and a Surrogate's Court). In most counties, the Supreme Court hears civil cases and the County Court hears civil cases, but this can vary a bit by county. See the related links for more info.

While in most states the state Supreme Court is the highest state court and hears appeals from lower courts such as County Courts, the highest state court in New York is called the Court of Appeals.

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Q: What is the difference between a county supreme court and a regular county court?
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What was the US Supreme Court decision in Davis v. Monroe County Board of Education?

Aurelia Davis sued the Monroe County Board of Education, on behalf of her 5th-grade daughter, LaShonda. The suit alleged that the Monroe County Board of Education failed to prevent LaShonda's suffering sexual harassment at the hands of another student. The school's complacency created an abusive environment that deprived her daughter of educational benefits promised her under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Ms. Davis, with a vote of 5 to 4.

How many members are on the Supreme Court of Tennessee?

There are 12 judges total. (The title "Justice" is reserved for members of the Supreme Court.) There are 4 judges from each grand division of Tennessee. However, only three judges hear each case. The grand division in which each county is located will determine which set of judges hears a particular case. For instance, a case from Hamilton County will be heard in the Eastern Division Court of Appeals and three of the four judges from the Eastern Division will hear that appeal. Likewise, a case from Trousdale County will be heard by three of the four judges from the Middle Division.

Which level of government is supreme in the US?

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Is Commissioners' Court the judicial and executive body of a county in Texas?

Whether a Commissioner's Court has judicial duties in addition to its executive duties depends on the particular county. Each county in Texas has a Commissioner's Court that serves as the executive body of the county. The Commissioner's Court is headed by a County Judge, who is the chief executive of a county. Additionally, in counties without County Courts at Law, Commissioners' Courts (also known as Constitutional County Courts) have far-reaching judicial duties, including original jurisdiction in civil actions between $200 and $10,000, some misdemeanors, probate matters, and juvenile matters, and appeals from Justice and Municipal courts. In counties with one or more County Court at Law, the Commissioner's Court may retain some judicial jurisdiction, but in practicality, the bulk of its judicial duties are transferred to the County Courts at Law. Within a county there are also often District Courts, Justice Courts, and Municipal Courts, each with their own judicial jurisdiction. For a directory of Texas Courts organized by county, see the Texas Courts Guide related link. For a description of how jurisdiction is broken down between different courts in a particular county, see the Texas Trial Court Jurisdiction By County related link.

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