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Patriarch does not mean 'men rule' means a system of government based on hierarchy and stratification.

Likewise, matriarch does not mean 'women rule' means a system of government based on consensus of those governed.

In pre-patriarchal societies the word father (pater) did not exist (other than "mother", which is one of the oldest words in all regions of the world). The word father as in our social concept "Patriarchy" does not mean the biological father who cares about his children...that would be "Daddy" and similar baby words in other languages. From the beginning the term was an abstract institutional expression of hierarchy and rulership. "Father" stood for the image of rulership.... the ruler as the law and as god (godfather, father in heaven etc.).

Just as a patriarchy does not mean 'men rule' (if that were the case then how do queens, female governors, female senators, VPs and presidents fit in?). The terms Patriarch and Matriarch concerning governmental function have nothing to do with physical gender...these terms directly refer to the nature of their governmental application. Matriarchy, specifically Matri- is from Greek mêtêr meaning mother....not female....and Greek archê meaning "beginning, origin"

--of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a mother

--to be the mother of; give origin or rise to

--to care for or protect like a mother; act maternally guide

--bearing a relation like that of a mother, as in being the origin, source, or protector: the mother company and its affiliates; the mother computer and its network of terminals. The company itself is not female nor is it necessarily run by females...and likewise, a computer has no gender.

Matriarchy is used in the sense of "motherly beginning" as a beginning of a cycle, because these societies are coined by cyclic thinking unlike linear. It begins with the people and, thus, returns to nourish the people. The national level of government was in place not to enact laws but simply to record the unanimous agreement of the people. They had no power to enact anything that the people did not agree to.

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Patriarchal societies are those in which the "leaders" are male in gender. Matriarchal societies are those in which females are the "leaders".

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Q: What is the difference between a matriarchy and a patriarchy?
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In a matriarchy, women hold primary power and roles of leadership, while in a patriarchy, men hold these positions. Matriarchies are less common historically and in present-day societies compared to patriarchies, which are more prevalent across cultures. Both systems involve power dynamics based on gender.

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The word 'matriarchy' is a noun, a word for a family, community, or society that is ruled by women; a form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line; a word for a thing.A noun functions as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition.Example sentences:A matriarchy as a political system is often debated by scholars. (subject of the sentence)My mother ran the household as a matriarchy. (object of the preposition 'as')

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The patriarchy refers to a social system in which men hold primary power and dominance in various aspects of society, including politics, economics, and social institutions. In contrast, a matriarchy is a social system where women hold primary power and authority in these domains. While both terms refer to gender-based power structures, they represent opposite ends of the spectrum. It's worth noting that matriarchal societies are rare and have historically been largely speculative or hypothetical.

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"Patriarchy" is a word formed from the Greek word "archon" which means "ruler". A mon-archy is a state ruled by one ruler (from the Greek word for one, monos), an olig-archy is a state ruled by the rich, and an-archy is a state without a ruler. From the word "patrus" meaning "father" we get patriarchy, or rule by fathers, just as matriarchy is rule by mothers. No character in Romeo and Juliet is named Patriarchy, so it makes no sense to ask "Who is patriarchy?" Patriarchy is not a person, nor is it an adjective so you cannot ask whether Friar Lawrence is patriarchy any more than we can ask whether he is distance. Is Verona a patriarchy? Likely. Is the Capulet family a patriarchy? Certainly. Can any individual be a patriarchy? Never.

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A culture where the women are the heads of the family is called a matriarchy. This is where the children and husband live in the wife's house, the children use the mother's surname, and perhaps inherit through the female line.