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They are the same They are the same

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Q: What is the difference between caucuses and primaries?
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How are candidates selected in a caucus?

Yes, caucuses pick a candidate for office. The difference between a caucus and a primary is that caucuses are held in public and voting is done in public. In primaries, the voting is done privately.

How does the Democratic Iowa caucus work?

a state represenative will meet with each candidate in a MEETING (the difference between caucuses and primaries) and the elect delegates.

How many primaries and caucuses will be held on super Tuesday 2012?

10 primaries and caususes

What are presidential primaries?

Presidential primaries are party elections and caucuses to determine who the presidential nominee will be for each political party. They are held between January and June before the general election in November.

In primaries and caucuses what are the people really voting to do?

To select a president for the country

How many states hold primaries or caucuses each month?


Which statement about presidential caucuses and primary elections is most accurate?

Caucuses can result in informal decisions, while primaries follow typical election procedures. Explanation: APEX

The two main ways of selecting candidates to represent a party in a general election are?

primaries and caucuses

Only 20 percent of Americans vote in the presidential primaries and 5 percent in the caucuses?


Only 20 percent of Americans vote in the presidential primaries and 5 percent in the caucuses.?


The attention of the media towards the early winner in the primaries and caucuses is believed to be fair to all candidates .?


Where is the first caucus of the election held?

Since 1972, Iowa has held the first caucuses of the presidential primaries.