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Issue politics refers to the most important subjects of debate in current politics. I.E. all the thing candidates talk about during campaigns. "Issues Voters" determine who they will vote for by understanding what each politician says of particular concerns of the voters. Party politics refers to the generally accepted policies of a political party. "Party Voters" determine who they will vote for by which party they run under, and sometimes how they think certain subject matter as compared to that of others of their preferred party.

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Q: What is the difference between issue politics and party politics?
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What effect did the free-soil party having on American politics?

It settled the question of slavery in American politics. -apex (:

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In the United States, traditional party politics is alive and well. Failures in government communications between the Congress and the White House, have always had their ups and downs. Despite inroads made by the Tea Party, it appears that it's politics as usual in the USA.

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Centrist refers to ones placement on the scale of left to right of politics and is ofeten interchanged with moderate.However moderate is more acurate in reflecting the depth of ones (in terms of politics) agreement in the party line.Eg a moderate conservative may agree with the economics of the right but not be a party to the far right's social views.

What was an effect of the Free-Soil Party?

The Free-Soil Party's main effect was to bring attention to the issue of slavery in the United States. By opposing the expansion of slavery into new territories, the party helped to fuel the growing tensions between the North and South that eventually led to the Civil War.

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