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There is no problem with the Fiji Government. COmmodore Frank Bainimarama took over the Qara-se governmnet because of corruption,lies and discrimination. Commodore Bainimarama is the interim PM of the Fiji Islands. Election will take place once a new constitution is in place for the betterment of all Fijians.

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Rewriting the constitution,making laws behind closed doors,possibly letting a non citizen be president,covering up the truth of 911,keeping the public from truths that are now know true.UFO cover ups, Free energy cover up. The laws of physics are untrue yet government does not allow the school books to be changed. A better question would be . What are they doing rite."

This guy is an idiot. Don't listen to him. Let me start off by saying that the constitution was written so it could be improved on as times change. Obama is a citizen and has always been, he was born in Hawaii. There is nothing to cover up about 911. UFOs are impossible since nothing can travel past the speed of light due to the fact that once u reach that matter turns to energy and light (explodes) and since that is not possible it would take aliens hundreds of thousands of years to even get to us considering they can survive that long in space without resources. Judging by the fact that you think UFOs are real I can make the assumption you don't know thing about physics. Also it is spelled right not rite. So really it is a matter of who is running the government not what is the government doing wrong. Then we come across the conversation of how Bush messed this country up. So to answer your question the biggest thing the government did wrong was pick sides (democratic/republican) and stand by those sides like a 12 year old playing tag, not giving a crap about the ants being stepped on while they struggle for power. They need to stop worrying about themselves and their beliefs and worry about the PEOPLE. I totally agree with the second person. Even George Washington said before he stepped out for the last time: don't make two parties that will split our country and don't make too many alliances. Really, if we wanted to get things done, we would have a socialist government, not a capitalist government. If the people that get paychecks got the money they deserved, life would be much better for everyone. Unfortunately, the people who don't like this idea are the rich guys. But what would it take to get people to have this is a revolution. Oh, and really, what's up with republicans controlling the government? People should know that although both parties arn't perfect, the democrats at least try to make it better for the working population.

I agree with the first part about this guy being and idiot, but not the last part where you say Bush messed up the country. You sir are wrong it was Bill Clinton that had messed this country up. But no one pays attention to what bush has done for this country. And yoursiding with thedemocratsyou mean the people that want to take money away from the working people to give to the poor. Also you got to kidding me about what you said aboutrepublicans they don't want to taxes us hard they want to create smallbusinessesto help the people that are not in work which would help the economy. Good job smart one for giving people the wrong idea.

Well.. There are real dumb people in this world.. But u2 are beyond dumb.. And there is no reason to continue with single brain celled people. The truth will win. And win it all comes out.. u2 will be no where to be found..I am sure of it. The constitution was made to improve upon.. ? That one is just well So idiotic I can't stop laughing..Did either of you pass the third grade. ? U2 = Dumb and Dumber

And Bush was bad..But Obama has spent more money than every president combined.. O yeah.. Do so home work.. Faster than light is possible. I must stop .. But go give him your guns 2 good little boys..

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Q: What is the government doing wrong?
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