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Roger Sherman and Oliver Ellsworth proposed the Great Compromise. Roger Sherman and James Wilson proposed the Three-Fifths Compromise

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The three fifths compromise is a compromise that states three fifths of slave population would count as representation in congress and three fifths taxation of property.

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The great compromise was a plan thought of by Roger Sherman during the constitutional convention. The small and large states were debating over whether places in the legislature would be awarded based on population. The large states wanted it to be based on population so that they would have more representatives, but the small states thought they would be outvoted. Roger Sherman suggested that there be two houses in the legislative branch. Seats in the lower house (House of Representatives) would be awarded based on population, but seats in the upper house (Senate) would be equal for each state (2 senators) no matter how big it was. This idea was passed.

The three-fifths compromise came up when states were arguing about whether slaves should be counted in the population of the state. Southerners wanted them to be counted because they had a lot of slaves, but northerners didn't have as many and argued that since they couldn't vote, they shouldn't be counted. It was agreed that three fifths of the slaves in a state would be included in the state's population. That means that if a state had 5,000 slaves, 3,000 of them would be counted.

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Q: What is the great compromise and the three fifths compromise?
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What problems did the three fifths Compromise and the Great Compromise solve?

it solved the issue of how people were going to be represented in government. the three fifths compromise stated that three out of five southern blacks would count as people, and the great compromise set up the bicameral houses of legislation. the house representation based on population, and the senate giving each state two representatives.

How were both the great compromise and the three -fifths compromise related to population?

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What is the correct chronological order of these eventsCompromise of 1850, Three-Fifths Compromise, Missouri Compromise,Emancipation Proclamation?

Three-Fifths Compromise, Missouri Compromise, Compromise of 1850, Emancipation Proclamation

The Great Compromise and the Three Fifths Compromise both dealt with what in common?

the territorial expansion of slavery

What compromises were agreed upon the delegates?

The great compromise , the three-fifths compromise && the electroal college.

What compromises were agreed upon by delegates?

The great compromise , the three-fifths compromise && the electroal college.

Who was involved in the three-fifths compromise?

The Three-Fifths Compromise was proposed by James Wilson and Roger Sherman, who were both delegates for the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

Why did they have a three-fifths compromise?

The Perpouse of the three-fifths compromise was to make the population fare

How did the north feel about the Three-Fifths Compromise?

The Northern States were pleased by Three-Fifths Compromise.

What compromise did north and south reach?

The compromises that the Northern and Southern states reached were the Great Compromise and the Three-Fifths Compromise.~A.K. =)

Was the disagreement over the Virginia Plan and the new jersey was settled by the three fifths compromise?

No, it was settled by the Great Compromise.

What is an agreement reached in which each side gives up something that it wants?

It is called a compromise. Examples are the Great Compromise, and the Three-Fifths Compromise.