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It is considered to be a "God given right," whether or not you believe in God, to be able to run your life in harmony with everyone else, and not have a Big Government telling you how to run your life.

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Q: What is the idea that people have the right to rule themselves?
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What is the idea that people should have the right to rule themselves?

Democracy (literally, "rule by the people"). Not to be confused with a republic, which is rule by officials chosen by the people.

The right of colonies to rule themselves?

home rule

What is Paine's main idea OR thesis?

Thomas Paine's main idea in "Common Sense" is to argue for the independence of the American colonies from British rule. He makes a passionate case for the importance of self-governance and the idea that it is natural for a people to rule themselves rather than be subjected to a distant monarch.

Terms which mean people rule?

The term associated with people's rule and by themselves is "democracy".

Did the declaration of independence talk about the role of government?

Not really. The declaration talked about who had a right to govern. It did not dispute the need for government, but justified the right to be independent of the rule of the English king and the right of the people to choose their government. It attacked the idea that people like King George had to right to rule because of their royal birth.

Did the colonies have the right to breakaway from England and become an independent coutry?

All people have the right to govern themselves, and any notion of divine right to rule is wishful thinking by ambitious tyrants.

What is the belief that people should have the right to rule themselves?

The belief that people should have the right to rule themselves is known as self-governance or self-determination. It emphasizes the autonomy and freedom of individuals or communities to make decisions about their own government and societal organization without external interference. This principle is often associated with democratic systems of governance.

Which theory of government states that the right to rule is given by God?

Divine Right or Theocracy both have the idea that the right to rule is given by god.

What is it called when people themselves rule and don't elect people to do it for them?

Direct Democracy.

How do the authors of the declaration best use deductive reasoning to support the idea that Colonists have a right to form a new government?

They first establish the widely accepted belief that governments derive their power from the people.

Who thought people should rule themselves?

Thomas paine

What democratic principle of the constitution allows people to create change or alter government?

The answer is (popular sovereignty): People have a right to rule themselves. "article and Amendment"