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In general terms, the impact of federal judges occupying their offices for life-terms is two-fold. First, such long-term work on the part of judges ensures consistency (along with accountability) in national judicial policy and decision-making. Second, it helps to ensure that any significant changes in the form or powers of government more largely will occur only slowly, over a long period of time, and through seasoned deliberation, rather than (as, for example, the American Founders feared and worked to avoid) suddenly and irrationally.

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Q: What is the impact of federal judges having life terms?
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How long is the term for county judges?

It can depend on what type of judge you are asking about. Most federal judges are appointed (essentially) for life unless they commit judicial malfeasance or commit a felony. State and county judges may be appointed as the constitutions of their state specify. Some occupy appointive positions, while other are elected by popular vote.

Who proposed staggered terms for the Senate and the appointment of judges by the President at the Constitutional Convention?

poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopThe Judicial branch of government approves appointment of judges.

The process of enfranchising African-Americans had what impact on us federalism?

In terms of American Federalism, the process of enfranchising African Americans placed the responsibility for guaranteeing voting rights with the federal government rather than state governments.

Are federal judges appointed for life the same as US Supreme Court justices?

It could be. The lowest level of Article III courts in the U.S. is called United States District Court, and the judges are typically referred to as United States District Court Judges. However, many states also call some level of their courts district courts as well, and those judges would commonly be referred to as district judges as well.

Why are federal judges appointed instead of being elected?

Federal judges are appointed, state and municipal judges are appointed or elected depending upon the venue they serve. Both methods have faults, such as favoritism at the appointment level, and then, electing judges is rarely a high priority among the general voting public most of whom have limited (if any) knowledge of the individuals running for a judgeship.

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Which is an example of how Hamilton's idea were expressed in the constitution?

An example of how Hamilton's ideas were expressed in the Constitution is that federal judges were given lifetime terms.Federal judges were given lifetime terms.

Terms of office for federal judges?


How many terms may a judge serve?

Federal judges are appointed for life. There are no terms for them. Terms for state judges are determined by the constitution of the specific state.

How do you eliminate lifetime terms of federal court judges?


How many judges are on US court of federal claims?

There are sixteen judges on the US Court of Federal Claims. They serve 15-year terms of office.(16)

Which is an example of Hamiltons ideas were expressed in the constitution?

federal judges were given lifetime terms.

What is an example of how hamiltons ideas were expressed in the constitution?

Federal judges were given lifetime terms

How many years can a justices work?

federal justices are appointed for life or until they resign Depends on the type of justice you are refering to - Federal judges serve for life after their Presidential appointment. State judges serve limited terms as they are elected - terms vary depending on jurisdiction

How long are federal judges terms in the united states Virgin Islands?

They are appointed for terms of ten years. See 48 U.S.C. Section 1614.

Do all Texas judges serve for life?

yes None do. All Texas judges are elected. Judges on the Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, and Court of Appeals are elected for six year terms. Texas District Court, County Court, and Justices of the Peace are elected for four year terms. Municipal Court judges (who have very limited powers) are either elected or appointed depending on the city's charter. This is in contrast to federal judges, most of whom are appointed for life, except for Bankruptcy Court judges who are appointed for 14 year terms, and Federal Magistrates who are appointed for eight year terms.

What is the term limit of judges serving on the US Court of Federal Claims?

Judges of the US Court of Federal Claims serve fifteen-year renewable terms.The US Court of Federal Claims is one of the US Special Courts Congress organized under its authority in Article I of the Constitution. Judges of US Special Courts serve fifteen-year renewable terms.

How long are the terms of judges in special courts?

Judges on US Special Courts serve 15-year renewable terms. Examples of Special Courts include US Bankruptcy Courts, US Tax Court, and the US Court of Federal Claims. Judges serving on District Courts in US Territories (American Samoa, Guam, etc.) are also appointed to 15-year terms.