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The term "pro tem" means "for a time". The President Pro Tem of the US Senate takes over the chairmanship of the Senate when the Vice President, who normally serves as the President of the Senate (and yes, that is per ordinance of the US Constitution) cannot be present in the Senate during times when the Senate is in session. So it's safe to presume that if there was, anywhere, a "mayor pro tem", then that would mean a person filling in temporarily for a mayor who was not able to be present at that time.

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Q: What is the job of a mayor pro tem?
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Is Mayor Pro Tem capitalized?

Yes, Mayor Pro Tem should be capitalized as it is a formal title given to a member of a city council who acts as mayor in the absence of the actual mayor.

What does Mayor Pro Tem mean?

Pro tem is short for pro tempore, meaning "temporarily" or "provisionally".Thus a Mayor pro tem is a person serving in that position for a limited time pending the ordinary mayor's return, or as a provisional replacement until a new election or appointment is made.

Is mayor pro temp an acceptable spelling?

No. It's "pro tem", not "pro temp".

How do you address a mayor pro tem?

Councilman or Councilwoman Smith.

How do you abbreviate 'in place of'?

The Latin phrase 'Pro tempore' is often abbreviated to 'pro tem'. It is used when someone temporarily takes over the role of another person. For example a Mayor Pro Tem acts in place of the actual Mayor whilst they are elsewhere.

Why is there a mayor pro tem in Thomasville GA when they have a permanent mayor serving at the same time?

The mayor pro tem performs the sme function as most vice-presidents, or vice-chairman, or many organizations. That person serves in the absence of the mayor, or at the direction of the mayor. In practical terms, ofter that seat is used to prepare and train the next person to become mayor. In thomasville, by custom, mayors only serve for a four-year term, so there is a need to have a future mayor "in training." By Len Powell, former mayor pro tem and mayor of Thomasville.

Who are the Iowa Mayors?

Mt. Vernon, Iowa's mayor pro tem is Diane Hoffmann.

Who is the 2014 mayor of Buena Park California?

Miller Oh is the 2014 mayor of Buena Park, California. The pro tem mayor is Steve Berry.

Why is claudia alverez mayor pro tem of Santa Ana California?

Because she was elected for the position

Who is the mayor of Stone Mountain?

As of September 2021, the mayor of Stone Mountain, Georgia, is Pro Tem Councilmember Patricia Wheeler, who is serving as interim mayor due to the resignation of the previous mayor in June 2021.

Who was the only pro tem to become president?

John Tyler was pro tem in 1835.

What is the president pro term?

Could you mean pro tempore or pro tem? Pro tem means "for the time being" or temporarily.