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It is how much land or surface area is contained within borders of countries, expressed in square miles or square kilometers

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Q: What is the land area of countries?
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who are the biggets top ten countries by the land area?

What two countries are smaller than Antarctica in land area?

The two countries that are smaller in land area than Antarctica is Australia, and Europe

What are 4 countries in the western hemisphere with the largest land area?

Four Largest Countries by Area in the Americas:CanadaUnited StatesBrazilArgentina

What are the 10 largst countries in the world?

The 10 largest countries by land area are:RussiaCanadaU.S.A.ChinaBrazilAustraliaIndiaArgentinaKazakhstanSudan

What is the country with the largest land area in North America?

Canada is the one with the largest land area.

What four countries with the largest land area in the Western Hemispheres?

USA, Canada, Argentina, Brazil

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China has more land area.The US has more total area.