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Wyoming is 253,374 km². The total surface area of the earth is 510,072,000 km², Wyoming, then, covers ~1/2013 of of the surface of the globe. The mass of the earth is 5.9736 × 1024 kg. Assuming that the land mass of Wyoming extends from its surface to a point at the center of the earth, it would be 2.967x1021 kg.

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Q: What is the land mass of Wyoming?
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Thailand is approximately the size of what US state with respect to land mass?

Twice the size of Wyoming

Is Wyoming a farmland?

Yes, there is farm land in Wyoming.

How many acres of land are in Wyoming?

Wyoming's area is 62,604,000 acres.

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Colorado has more land than Wyoming. Wyoming has total area of 97,813 square miles which includes 97,093 square miles of land. Colorado has total area of 104,093 square miles which includes 103,641 square miles of land.

What oceans border the state of Wyoming?

Wyoming is a land-locked state. It is not bordered by any oceans.

What state is surrounded by land?

Wyoming is one.

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How is most of the land used in Wyoming and Utah?

About 48 percent of the Wyoming land is owned by the Federal government. In Utah 70 percent of all the land is owned and managed by the Federal or the statee government.

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There is no specific amount of acres necessary for land to be considered a farm in Wyoming. Rather, the land is considered a farm if the land and buildings are used for growing crops and rearing animals. However, the majority of agricultural lands owned by agricultural operations in Wyoming consist of 5,000 or more acres.