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The Constitution breaks the government into three sections. They are the Executive Branch, the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch. The legislature is authorized to create and pass laws.

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Article one is the part of the US Constitution that applies to the law making part of the government. Section 1 refers to the legislature while sections 2 and 3 refer to the house and the senate.

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article 1

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Q: What is the law making body of the US Constitution?
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What kinds of laws must conform to the US Constitution?

Constitutional Laws (Body of law derived from a country's written constitution. It lays down and guides the duties and powers of the government) (US is the body of law governing the interpretation and implementation)

Why do you say the constitution will last the test of time?

because its the body of law that the us follows

Where does congress get its law making from?

The powers of each of the three branches of the US government are delineated in the Constitution.

The law making body of the United States is called the...?

US Congress.

If a law violates the US Constitution it is said to be?

If a law violates the US Constitution, it is said to be unconstitutional.

Similarity and difference btwn US and Spanish constitution does spanish constitution have Bill of Rights how is the process of making law or other things different from US is their states in Spain?

Are you talking about Spain's constitution? Because Spanish is the Language!!!

What does the US Constitution have to do with law in the US?

The US Constitution is the basis for all laws enacted in this country. No law may be passed that is contrary to any of the provisions of the Constitution.

What is this a supreme law of the land?

I know that the right answer is the US constitution.

If congress passes a new law that conflicts with the constitution are you required to follow the new law or the US Constitution?

Sometimes Congress passes laws that are in conflict with the Constitution. Should this happen, the Supreme Court will place a ruling on the law making it void. This is because the US constitution is the supreme law of the country, and no law is allowed to go against it.

Define Retroactive criminal law making?

In the US - there is no such thing. They are known as "Ex Post Facto" laws and are forbidden by the Constitution.

Does the Declaration of Independence contain laws that govern the United States?

No, the Declaration of Independence is not a law making document. The US Constitution is the document that creates the laws that govern the US. The Declaration can only be used to help indicate the intent of the Constitution's framers, but does not create law.

What is the Supreme Law of Land and how does it help unite the US?

Article 6 of the US Constitution states the US Constitution is the Supreme Law of Land. It helps unite the US because no State can create legally binding laws that could violate the Constitution. Otherwise, we could have 50 States making their own rules that violate citizens' rights, and chaos would ensue. The US Constitution keeps and safeguards "the union" of the United States.