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US presidents are elected to a four-year term .

The U.S. President can be elected to that office two times. Since each term is 4 years, that totals 8 years. HOWEVER, if a Vice President has to serve out the term of a former President (say, the President died), that person can legally serve out the remainder of that term, AND still be elected to two more terms, provided the partial term was no longer than 2 years.

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4 years
Depends on the president's stay in the term office

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One term is four years.

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Q: What is the length of one term for the US president?
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What is the length of a term Of office for the president of the US and what amendment i this?

Four years

What is the term length of the President of the US?

4 years pert term with no more than 2 terms.

How long does a political term last?

The length of a political term varies depending on the specific position or office. For example, the term for a US President is four years, while members of the US House of Representatives serve two-year terms. Terms for other positions, such as governors or mayors, can also vary in length.

If a president serves one full term how many years is he in office?

Four years is one term for a US president.

If you are president how many times can you run?

If you are currently in office as the US President, and your term is or has been more than two years, you can run for one more term. The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, establishes a two term limit for the office of the US President.

How many years does a US president serve in one-term?

One full presidential term is 4 years.

How long is one term served by a us president?

Four years

What is the length of a term of office for the president of the unitted states?

A US presidential term is four years. The President may serve up to two elected terms, unless having served more than two years of a term by succession.

How many years did president Kennedy serve as US president?

He served for something short of three years- 1000 days is the figure often cited for his term-length.

Do US presidents have to serve one-term as vice-president?

No. This is not a requirement for being president of the United States.

What is the term for the US president and Mali president?

The US president has a term of 4 years and can serve 2 terms. The president of Mali has a term of 5 years and can serve 2 terms.

Only US President to voluntarily retire after one term?

James Polk.