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4 years

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Two years

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Q: What is the length of term for a suffolk county executive?
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What is the term length for the executive branch?

what is the term legnth of the execusive branch

What is the executive branch length of term and term limits and duties?

The Judicial Districts.

What is the length of the term of office for a county representative?

5 years

Who was the head of the executive branch of Texas in 1845 and how long was their term?

president boshscowsy and 16 years was the length of term for him.

What is a Chief of Executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

What is chief of executive?

Term for the president as vested with the executive power

Is New York City a long city?

No, Long Island is not a city, or a county, or a borough. Long Island is a geographical expression that has no meaning in state government. That is to say, the term, "Long Island," is an unofficial name that collectively describes the entire island and all the towns, cities and counties that are on it. In other words, Long Island is nothing more than an island. Long Island is made up of four counties: Kings County, Queens County, Nassau County and Suffolk County. Two of these counties, Kings and Queens, are also boroughs of New York City. The borough of Brooklyn is also Kings County, and the borough of Queens is also Queens County. The other two counties -- Nassau and Suffolk -- are part of New York State, but not part of New York City. However, the term, "Long Island," is often used colloquially to describe only the part of Long Island that is not part of New York City (Nassau and Suffolk County). Even though Brooklyn and Queens (Kings and Queens Counties) are on Long Island, people -- especially New Yorkers -- often say, "I'm going to Long Island this weekend," when they really mean, "I'm going to somewhere on either Nassau or Suffolk County." If they were going to Brooklyn or Queens, then they'd say, "I'm going to Brooklyn/Queens," not, "I'm going to Long Island."

What is the term for executive Branch?

the executive branch is the president so it is 4 years.

What does the term ''fedral govermrent'' refer to?

The national government, which operates under the US Constitution. It covers the executive, legislative and judicial branches and all their agencies. As contrasted to state, county and city governments.

The term plural executive in Texas refers to?

a number of independently elected executive officials

What is the standard term of office for state elected executive officials?

The standard term of office for state elected executive officials is 4 years

What is the math term for length?

There is no other mathematical term for the word, length.