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Q: What is the line of democration?
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How did the President of Sri Lanka become the leader of Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a democration country.President is chosen through an election.

What was the Line of Demarcation?

The Line of Demarcation was an imaginary division of territory on the Earth at 50 degrees longitude, which was used to separate the boundaries of Portugal and Spain made in the year 1493 by Pope Alexander VI and later by Pope Julian II. Spain controlled territory west of the line, while Portugal controlled territory east of the line. The line was moved 800 miles further west with the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 a year later.In short The Line OF Demarcation, divided the non-European world into two trading and exploration zones one for Spain and one for Portugal. The two nations agreed to these terms in the Treaty of Tordesillas.the line of democration is an imaginary line running down the middle of the Atlantic from the North Pole to the South Pole.

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Different kinds of lines?

*Straight Lines - Horizontal line - Vertical line - Broken line - Wavy line - Dotted line - Zigzag line - Diagonal line - perpendicular line - parallel line *Curved Lines - Concave line - Convex line - Spiral line

What is a line that is not a line but is almost a line?

A line of best-fit.

Do you wait in line or online?

If there is an actual physical line on the floor, and you are on it, then you are on line. If you are in a line of people, you are in line. If you are in a line of people, and also standing on a physical line on the floor, then you are both in and on line. If there is a group of people, standing in a line, and you are standing on top of the group of people standing in line, then you are standing on line.

What could be a name of a line?

A straight line, a telephone line, a shipping line, a fishing line.

What is line intersect?

A line intersect is a point on a line where another line or object crosses the line.

what- line m is perpendicular to line L, line n is perpendicular to line m.?

Line L is parallel to line n.

Is a line segment part of a line or is a line part of a line segment?

In geometry a line is thought of as extending infinitely in both directions. A line segment is part of a line.

How do you draw a line parallel to a given line?

[A Parallel line is a straight line, opposite to another, that do not intersect or meet.] Ie. Line 1 is Parallel to Line 2. ------------------------------------------------- <Line 1 ------------------------------------------------- <Line 2

What is the line snapping in line rider do?

it snaps the line. ex. _______ ______ see the space, with line snapping the secong line will attach itself to the nearest line giving you a line like this ________________ that's what line snapping is.