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Merchants were the "lowest class" meaning they made less money in most cases than other social classes.

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Q: What is the lowest class in Japanese?
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What is the highest to lowest social system in India at class birth?

lowest birth class shudras highest birth class brahmans

What occupies the lowest class of the social pyramid in ancient Egypt?

Serfs, or slaves, were the lowest class for ancient egyptians.

Were plebians upper-class citizens?

No they were the lowest class citizens.

Who is highest and lowest Hindu caste?

In the Hindus the Brahmins are the highest class. They are referred to as the learned class and priestly tribe among Hindus. The lowest class are the Dalits.

What was the lowest class in the society?


What were lowest class passengers on the titanic called?

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What was the lowest class in Japanese feudalism?

The eta and the hinin were the lowest classes, technically unclean and sub-human respectively. The eta occupations (entertainers, prostitutes) broke Buddhist taboos, and the hinin were functionaries such as guards, sweepers, and executioners. In the 1800s, the term burakumin began to be used for both groups. Those who were simply disgraced, rather than born into the hinin had some chance to leave the caste.From highest to lowest, the Japanese feudal classes wereDaimyo (warlords)Samurai (warriors) * some artisansPeasantsMerchants, Traders, TownspeopleEta and HininMerchantsetaETAHinin

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Ju Jey.Learned it in A japanese class.

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Yes it was the lowest class in the caste system