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The main right wing parties in Australian politics are Family First Party (FFP), Liberal Party of Australia (Lib) and the National Party of Australia (Nat).

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Q: What is the main right wing Australian political party?
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The names of three main Australian political parties?

The two main political parties in Australia are:The Australian Labor Party (ALP or Labor), and;The Liberal PartyThe Liberal Party is in a coalition with the National Party forming what is known as 'the Coalition'

What are the main political parties in Australia?

The main left wing party in Australian politics is the Australian Labor Party - ALP. There are several factions within it. EDIT By uzumakikun9: Socialist = left Conservative = Right Sources: Teachers pet in school.

What are the five main political in Australia?

If you mean the 5 main political parties, I'd say it would be the Australian Labor Party, Liberal Party, National Party, Greens and Family First Party.

Describe the political parties of Australia?

Australia has two main political parties: the Liberal Party of Australia, which is generally considered center-right and advocates for free markets and individual liberties, and the Australian Labor Party, which is center-left and focuses on workers' rights and social welfare policies. Other minor parties, such as the Greens and various independent parties, also play a role in the Australian political landscape.

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main goal for the peace pary

Which political party is currently the main opposition party in India?

Currently Bharattiya Janta Party is the main opposition party of India.

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What is the main political party in the Bahamas?


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What is the main job of the national chairperson of a political party?

they manage the party's headquarters.

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in no order:Green Party, Democratic Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, Constitution Party