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The Democratic party is the primary left of center party in the United States. The Republican party (also known as the GOP for Grand Old Party) is the main right of center party.

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Q: Which of the US parties is left and which is right of centre?
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What is a centrist?

A Centrist is someone who sits in the centre of the political spectrum. Imagine a line - on the far right you have Nazism and Fascism, less to the right are Conservatives in the UK or Republicans in the US, slightly to the left are Labour or Democrat parties, further left are Socialists, and on the far-left you have Communists. In between the fairly non-extreme left and right parties, you have centrists. They are usually capitalists who believe in some economic regulations, and fairly socially liberal.

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Left wing= Democratic Right wing= Republican

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Yes, there are many parties in the US but democrats and republicans are the two main parties.

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