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perimeter defense a defense without an exposed flank, consisting of forces deployed along the perimeter of the defended area. Soldiers in a squad make a circular perimeter but the meaning has some more. Nations have a defensive perimeter like the United STates wich on north has Alaska in the east Puerto Rico and in the west Hawaii.

Computer science has it's own definition for defensive perimeter also.

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Q: What is the meaning of Defensive Perimeter?
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How do you establish a defensive perimeter?

Put men watching/covering all sectors of the area.

Meaning of Barricade?

a defensive barrior

What is the meaning of defensive?

The word defensive means to protect or defend. It is the opposite of the word offensive.

Where are watchtowers placed?

The perimeter , defensive corners , mountain ridges , the sides of a defile , points of highest elevation ,

In heron's formula what is the meaning of s?

s is the semi-perimeter of the triangle. The total perimeter divided by 2.

A antonym for the word defensive?

The opposite of being defensive is to be open to criticism; I don't think that there is a single word which has that meaning, although humble comes closest. Offensive is an antonym for defensive.

What is the perimeter of a 6 cm2 and 14 cm?

The question is not quite clear in its meaning but in general the perimeter of a shape is the total distance around it.

What is the perimeter of a square if it has an area of 9 centimeters squared?

If it's a square, then each side should be 3 cm, meaning perimeter is 12cm

What is the meaning of perimeter and area?

perimeter means inside of shape and u addarea means outside of shape and u multiplyperimeter and area questions

What is a mushroom shooting?

that's when the Koreans cross the line oh the defensive perimeter around the other Koreans mushroom camp in the woods and trys to steal the mushrroms, then he gets shot.

What is the adjective of defence?


What is the perimeter of a square with an eleven inch side?

The perimeter of an 11 inch square is 44 inches because a square as 4 equiladeral sides, meaning that they are all the same length, and perimeter adds them all together, giving a total of 44 inches.