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the meaning is friendship

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2011-02-18 18:56:35
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What is the main purpose of the preamble

What article of the US Constitution is concerned with the Legislative Branch

Explain who were the federalist and the anti- federalist

Who established the federal court system

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Q: What is the meaning of the William Penn wampum belt?
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Which of the following demographic changes contributed to the rise of conservatism?

the migration of americans from the rust belt to the sunbelt

Why is the US the most political and economically stable country?

The United States is the most political and economically stable country out there because of all of the freedoms that we have. We are a free market based society with logical regulations and lots of needs and wants. We also have the largest amount of personal freedoms of all of the other countries out there, hence why so many immigrants move here and become, at the minimum, somewhat successful. We in America also allow for individualism among humans, and variance among opinion, color, gender, and sexual preference, whereas most places don't. This is what allows us to be successful- who else decides for the group than the group itself, no? A. Bible BeltB. Frost Belt C.Rust Belt D.Sun Belt

How do I change the belt on a Hoover hurricane 350?

have the hoover upright and undo the 2 scews one on each side at the back then lift top panel also slider will pop of hope this helps

Historical events in Denmark?

In the summer of 1657, Denmark launched hostile actions against Sweden, who at the time was engaged in a war in Poland, marched his army to Jutland, the westernmost part of Denmark.The conquest of Jutland was completed in November 1657, but in the absence of an adequate naval force, Charles X could not carry his campaign to Zealand, the island on which Copenhagen is situated. Unexpectedly, the severe winter of 1657--58 came to his aid. In February 1658 the Little Belt (separating Jutland from the island of Fünen) as well as the Great Belt (separating Fünen from Zealand) froze over completely and, apparently, to a sufficient depth that the Swedish Army was able to cross over the frozen sea areas from Jutland to Zealand and force the Danes to sue for peace.

There was a fire in Jacksonville Florida set by Hoyt Axton at A hardware store When was it?

1967 Er, no. I think you'll find it was in 1956. He left town after Knauer's Hardware burned down on graduation night, a prank gone wrong. Later, he went on to join the navy. and by 1967 he was already established as a singer/songwriter with many albums under his belt.

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