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The wampum belt was used by the Iroquois for trade, to tell stories, etc.

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Q: What is the wampum belt used for?
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What did the designs on wampum record?

You mean wampum belts, not wampum which simply refers to the shell beads from which belts were made (the Wampanoag word Wampumpeag = small white shell beads).Wampum belts were not produced until after contact with Europeans, so it is likely that they were influenced by European writing and documents; since they natives could not write they recorded important events such as treaties or agreements in pictorial (pictographic) form on wampum belts.The link below takes you to an image of Tsawanhohi holding a wampum belt, 1825:

What did Native Americans use a wampum for?

Wampum belts were used by some tribes as a form of money. They were traded for goods or services. More importantly, however, is that the wampum belts were also mostly sacred records of a persons family.

What did the colonists use the wampum for?

the colonists use the wampum for trading with the native americans

Shell belts used as money were called what?

Shell belts used as money were called wampums -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While the Native people did not use wampums as money originally, when Europeans came to the Americas, they realized the importance of wampum to Native people and soon, they were trading wampum shells with the native peoples of New England and New York. The New England colonies demonetized wampum in 1663, but it continued as currency in New York until 1673. Other cultures also used shells as money - see the related link below.

What did Native Americans use seashells for?

Native Americans used seashells to make jewelry and also trade them as a type of currency. These beads and ornaments used for trading were called wampum.

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What is the purpose of the wampum?

For decorating on them such as the wampum belt, it is used as a belt. The wampum beads is used to make a necklace. From: Eric N.

What are wampum used for?

it was used as a belt

Why is wampum important to the Iroquois?

It was a belt used to tell stories.

What are the most famous names of wampum belts?

-The Two Row Wampum Treaty -Wolf belt -Huron belt -Covanant belt

Why did they use wampum belts?

To symbolize what the people were like. Whom ever wore what kind of wampum belt.

How does the wampum belt show collective identity?


How did the Wampum Belt address collective identity?


What is a sentence with wampum?

I'm all out of wampum. These dark purple shells will make the wampum necklace more valuable.

What is the meaning of the William Penn wampum belt?

the meaning is friendship

What is wampum belt?

Strings or Belts with white or purple shells. They have a message.

What is the wampum belt?

Strings or Belts with white or purple shells. They have a message.

What are the characteristics of wampum belt?

The characteristics of a wampum belt is it is made out of white and purple beads and made of certain kinds of seashell's. Each string or belt holds a different message. The use of wampum stings or belts suggested the seriousness of the message and the sincerity of whoever made it. A wampum keeper was responsible for caring for the wampum and reading it. The reader would pass this hand over top of it ,bead by bead using the texture top remind him of the event or treaties it recorded. Wampum keepers were chosen by the clan they trained at a young age younger then 12 to remember the information on the belts and tell it in a dramatic and poetic way. Iroquois women made the wampum belts.

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