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Five of them were 51, and five of them were 54.

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Q: What is the mode of the ages of all the presidents when they were inaugurated?
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Are all presidents inaugurated in the same month?


Where were the last four presidents inaugurated And why was it held there?

All were inaugurated at the same exact place Trump was this week. It has been traditionally done in front of the capital building.

Why was one of the presidents not inaugurated on January 20?

Until Franklin Roosevelt's second term, all of the presidents were inaugurated on March 4. Since then, if January 20 falls on Sunday, the big inauguration ceremony is held the next day.

What age were us presidents who were inaugurated at age 50?

Only nine of the 43 U.S. Presidents were under 50 when sworn in as President for the first time; the other 34 were all over 50.

How many Pres. visited all 50 states?

Don't forget since the 50 th state was inaugurated there has only been 10 Presidents.

What was the original inauguration date required by the constitution?

Except for Washington's first inauguration, when he was sworn in on April 30, 1789, all presidents until 1937 were inaugurated on March 4.The date was changed to January 20 by the 20th Amendment in 1933.

Are all the presidents gay?

No, all the presidents are not gay.

Will Barack Obama be inaugurated again?

Yes. On January 20,2013 Obama will inaugurated for his second term as President with all the usual ceremonies, parades and balls.

Why do you have Presidents Day?

to honor all presidents in the past

Are all presidents on paper money?

Neither are all the presidents on paper money and not all paper money have pictures of presidents. For example Ben Franklin is on the hundred.

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It depends on the climax of the sentence. But in this case 'from all ages' would be a correct one.For example,'My ancestors have been helping the poor from all ages/in all ages.'

What is the possessive form of Presidents?

The possessive form of the plural noun Presidents is Presidents'.Examples: All of the Presidents' portraits lined the walls.