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Congressional oversight.

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Q: What is the most constitutional way to make the bureaucracy responsible?
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Are all 3 branches of the federal government in the first 3 articles of constitution?

Yes, but no. It does not detail nor discuss the Bureaucracy which is an extension of the Executive. The Bureaucracy is responsible for the execution of most federal laws.

Who is most important in Japanese bureaucracy?

The Prime Minister is the most important figure in the Japanese bureaucracy. They oversee the government's operations, set policies, and make decisions on national matters.

What features of a federal bureaucracy help it to run efficiently?

The Benefits of a Bureaucracy has three features-hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules-make bureaucracy the most effective way for people to work together on large and complex tasks, whether public or private.

Who has the most needed for what a bureaucracy does?

the president

Who is most important in japan bureaucracy?


Who first coined bureaucracy?

The name most associated with the theory of bureaucracy is that of Max Weber.

An advocate for limited government would most likely oppose the modern American bureaucracy for which reason?

the growth of bureaucracy has expanded the role of the government in citizens lives

How is a bureaucracy like most governments today?

had many jobs

What countries have a bureaucracy?

Most countries have a bureaucracy of some form to manage government operations and services. Some examples of countries with well-known bureaucracies include the United States, China, India, and France.

Which empire had imperial bureaucracy?

Pre-WW 1 Russia, Austria, Germany and Japan. Of these, the Russian bureaucracy was most directly answerable to the emperor himself. The oldest highly organized imperial bureaucracy originated in ancient China.

Most of federal bureaucracy is found in which branch of government?

the executive branch

A bureaucracy is organized like a pyramid with the head of the bureaucracy?

at the top, overseeing lower levels of authority and decision-making. The head of the bureaucracy holds the most power and responsibility for setting goals, policies, and overseeing operations. Lower levels of the bureaucracy follow instructions and implement decisions from higher levels.