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The two men most responsible for the calling of the Constitutional Convention, after the failed Annapolis Convention of 1786, were Alexander Hamilton (from New York), and James Madison (from Virginia). They also wrote most of the Federalist Papers, and in 1787, they were a formidable team when it came to the Constitution.

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Q: What are the 3 founding fathers of the constitutional convention?
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What is the effects of the constitutional Convention?

The effect the constitutional convention had was the great compromise and the 3/5 compromise. These led to the constitution.

What 3 founding fathers did not sign the constitution?

Actually, there are quite a number of men who could be considered founding fathers who were not delegates to the convention. You are probably thinking though, of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson who were serving as as U.S. ministers to England and France respectively at the time.

Where was the 3 branches made?

in Philadelphia at the Constitutional Convention

Which of these events occurred last Declaration of Independence Constitutional Convention Annapolis meeting Meratification of the Articles of Confederationetingtionnce?

Constitutional Convention <3 maxxie

Who are the 3 founding father's of the internet?

the 3 founding fathers of confederation are John A. Macdonald, George Brown, George-Etienne Cartier.

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Who wasn't invited to the constitutional convention?

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Why did the founding fathers allow slavery to continue?

Most of them had slaves and were dependent on them. Incorrect. Only 3 of the 7 founding fathers were slave owners. There were 7 founding fathers of the US Constitution: Franklin, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Jay, Madison, and Hamilton. 3 were slave owners (Washington, Jefferson, and Madison all from Virginia). 3 were not (Adams, Jay, and Hamilton) In fact they were adamantly against slavery. Franklin became an abolitionist after the Constitutional Convention in 1785 and freed both his slaves. The founding fathers from Virgina (later a confederate state) were pro-slavery. The others from New York or Massachusettes were against slavery. This initial philosophical contradiction during the founding of the US wasn't resolved until 80 years later during the US Civil War.

How many delegates of the constitutional convention did New York have?


What was the goal of the constitional convention?

THE Constitutional Convention in 1787 was to replace the Articles of Confederation with a stronger governing document.