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It's arguable. A lot of schools claim its theirs.

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Q: What is the most recognizable college class ring?
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What are the most recognized rings in the world?

This is arguable. Among the most recognizable are the Pope's ring, the West Point Ring, the MIT Brass Rat, and the Superbowl Ring, but some universities also believe that their class ring is the most recognizable.

Where can I buy a college class ring?

on you can find some beautiful college class rings with a low price you can order a custom ring for your class if you want

Should grownups wear their high school class ring?

no. college is ok though.

What is a silver class ring made of?

A silver ring is most likely made of silver.

Any details on Jennifer Nettles right hand ring finger ring in the video for 'Stay'?

It's the class ring for alumnae of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA.

Do people wear class rings after high school?

Yes. I wear my college ring that I bought when I finished my Ph.D . For many years after I graduated high school I wore my high school ring. Considering that many cost several hundred dollars today you should wear it with pride. What annoys me most is that because I am a woman my college ring is assumed to be a high school one.

Where can one find college class rings?

College rings are very popular in America. They are available to purchase on-line at eBay, Amazon, Eva London, Balfour, Artcarved, Jostens and Jewellery World.

What is the prideside of a class ring?

Your class ring represents the collective interests,

Does a college team get a BCS ring when they win a bowl game?

most likley

Where can you find the ring Jennifer Nettles wheres in video Stay?

It's the ring from her alma matter, Agnes Scott College. Deemed the "black ring mafia", students get it spring of their sophmore year as one of the college's most cherished traditions

Who is the most popular athlete in Boston College history?

It has to be Doug Flutie. 'Til the echoes ring again!

What are the best places to but a college class ring?

My son is looking for a ring he has 24 hours to decide from right now. I will search around but wanted to know the community opinion. I would like some sort of calculator that shows the ring based on my choices but in the end price is king.