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The most common name used other than just plain 'lefty/left-hander' is 'Southpaw'.

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The common directional name given to left-handed people is southpaw. Strangely, a right handed person is not called a northpaw.

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Q: What is the name for left handed people?
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Are left handed people the result of a twin?

No, people are left-handed because they choose to be left-handed.

What percent of people are born left handed?

Approximately 10% of the global population is left-handed.

What is another word for left handed people?

Another word for left-handed people is "sinister" or "southpaw."

How many people in 100 are left handed?

Approximately 10% of the population is left-handed, so in a group of 100 people, you can expect around 10 to be left-handed.

Are left-handed people left-hemisphere dominant?

Well, it depends. 90-95% of right handed people are left hemisphere dominant, but 65-75% of LEFT-handed people are LEFT hemisphere dominant.

Does a right handed human live longer than a left handed human?

believe it or not right handed people live longer then left handed people (on this juice lid it said: left hand people die 9 or 6 years earlier then right handed people) dont worry the people who are left hand im with left handed to

Is there a lefthanded Guitar Hero controller?

no such guitar controller has been commercially produced for left handed people but many creative left handed people have made or modified a right handed guitar controller to be left handed. playing a right handed guitar left handed is still easily achievable and is why no people bother to have a left handed specific controller.

What is the population of left-handed people in the world?

The worlds population of left handed people is approximately 11%

400 people found that 66 were left-handed What percent are left-handed?

66 divided by 400 gives you the fraction of people who are left handed. Multiply by 100 to get your answer.

Are left handed people mentally challenged?

No. In fact, people who are left handed tend to be more creative and smarter. Watch and see how many actors are left handed!

Is being left handed a handicap?

No, being left handed is not a handicap. Left handed people lead very good lives.

Would it be better to be left handed or right handed?

Most people are right handed & fewer people are left handed. Some people even think it's better to be right handed! But the truth is, it really doesn't matter. So if you're left or right handed...Both of them are good!