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"Free Trade" is the term that describes the idea that trade between nations creates prosperity and helps to prevent war.

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Q: What is the name for the idea that trade between nations creates prosperity and helps to prevent war?
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Why they created an international law?

To preserve harmony between nations and thus prevent war.

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What is called buffer zone?

It is, for example, a buffer zone between two hostile nations that serves to prevent conflict

What is it called when nations can legally agree that they will limit or prevent trade between two nations?

The legal ban on trade is referred to as a trade restriction or sanction (which also has other meanings).

What is the most common way of preventing a disastrous war between the most powerful nations?

There is one common way to prevent a disastrous war between two powerful nations. The most common way would be to find a settlement.

What organization failed to prevent World War 2?

The league of nations failed to prevent it, but so did a lot of other people and nations.

Which two nations was the diplomacy of German chancellor Otto von Bismarck designed to prevent an alliance from forming between?

England and France

What was the main goal of Wilson's fourteen point?

To prevent Future wars -

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What Peace keeping body failed to prevent world war 2?

The League of Nations was the peace-keeping body that failed to prevent war. The organization was founded on January 10, 1920 at the end of the First World War.

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Why was the united nation formed in 1945?

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