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poplar forest

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Q: What is the name of Thomas Jefferson's second home?
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What is the name of john Adams home?

Peacefield, sometimes called Braintree, in Quincy Massachussetts not Montecello, that's Thomas Jeffersons second home in France

Thomas Jeffersons mansion name?


What was Thomas Jeffersons nick name?

Thomas Jefferson's nick name was "the Pen of Revolution".

What was president Jeffersons first name?

Thomas Jefferson was his full name.

What was Thomas Jeffersons parakeet's name?

Tim Bennett

What is Thomas Jeffersons dad middle name?

Peter Jefferson, Thomas' father, did not have a middle name. Thomas did not either.

What was Thomas Jeffersons fathers name?

Thomas Jefferson's father was Peter Jefferson.

What was the name of the jeffersons home?


What is the name of jeffersons home?

Monticello, in Virginia.

What was thomas Jeffersons sons name?

Jefferson did not have any sons, except possibly for a slave son named Tom.

What is thomas jeffersons dads name?

Peter Jefferson was Thomas Jefferson's father. He was born on February 29, 1708 and died on August 17, 1757 at the age of 49.

Thomas jeffersons followers became known as?

Jeffersonians began using the name Democratic-Republicansin 1796.So,the answer is Democratic-Republicans.