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House of Representatives

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Q: What is the name of position for the house of representatives?
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Who holds the highest position in the house of representatives?

Speaker of the House

What position controls the house of representatives?

The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The current speaker is Nancy Pelosi.

What other name is the House of Representatives called?

Another name for the House of Representatives is the lower house. Another name for the Senate is the upper house.

What is the title of the leader of the House of Representatives and how are they chosen?

Speaker of the House of Representatives. They are normally a senior member of the majority party in the House, and are chosen by their party for the position.

Name of your representatives to the House of Representatives?

Mike MyIntrye

What is the name of the lower house of the US Congress?

The lower house of Congress is called the House of Representatives. Although, the United States does not really use terms like that.

Is congress another name for house of representatives?

no. congress is a name for both of the houses. senate and the house of Representatives are both called congress. :)

What is the name of the house representatives?

His name is Paul Ryan.

Was sam schaumleffel in the Illinois house of representatives?

There is no record of a person named Sam Schaumleffel serving in the Illinois House of Representatives. It is possible that he may have held a different political position or that there is a mistake in the name provided.

What party leader becomes the Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

The majority party in the US House of Representatives elects the person who will become the Speaker of the House of Representatives. This is a powerful position in the US Congress.

Who supervises the filling of a vacant position in the house of representatives?

To keep an eye on the chosen representatives, the other panel members help

Which position is the highest in the House of Representatives?

The highest position in the House of Representatives is the Speaker of the House. The Speaker, elected by members of the House, is responsible for overseeing the legislative process, managing debates, and maintaining order in the chamber. They are third in line to succeed the President, after the Vice President and the Speaker.