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The name of the plan that the House of Representatives came from is known as the Virginia Plan. This plan was instituted by Edmund Randolph and called for a bicameral congress of the people.

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Q: What plan did the house of representatives come from?
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What is the name of the lower house of the US Congress?

The lower house of Congress is called the House of Representatives. Although, the United States does not really use terms like that.

What is the name of position for the house of representatives?

House of Representatives

Its congress favored the small states?

The House of Representatives favors bigger states because they have more districts and therefore more representatives. The Senate only has two Senators from each state no matter what size they are.

What are the 2 houses of congess?

Congress is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What was the great compromise state about representation in the house of representatives and the senate?

The number of representatives in the House of Representatives for each state depends on the states population. During the Constitutional Congress in 1787, delegates proposed different methods of calculating this number. The final two plans were the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. Each plan had a different way to control the states. The Virginia plan was to have the number of representatives be based on population, while the New Jersey plan was to have the same number of representatives for each state, regardless of population. Since there was the delegates couldn't agree on which method to use, Roger Sherman suggested the Great Compromise, which helped settle this argument/problem. One legislature, the House of Representatives, is based on population. The other legislature, the Senate, is made up of two people from each state.

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Was the house of representatives based on the New Jersey plan or the viginia?

The House of Representatives was based on the Virginia plan. This plan proposed to have legislative body where the number of legislators was proportional to the size of the state.

What plan created a two-houses of the legislative?

senate and the House of Representatives

Who came up the plan of the House of Representatives?

i thinnk it was john hancock

Where do bills for raising taxes come from?

House of Representatives

How come there so many house of representatives?

Because the number of representatives depend on the population of the state.

In which plan would there be only one group, or house, of representatives?

Article I, Section 2 of the Constitution sets three qualifications for representatives.

Bills to raise taxes may come from who?

House of Representatives

Why Virginia Plan is an important part of our nation's history?

If it weren't for the Virginia plan there probably would be no House of Representatives. This is because the Virginia plan stated that the number of representatives that each state has in congress should be based on the population of the state. Since the New Jersey plan stated that each state should have an equal amount of representatives, a compromise was made that is known as the great compromise. Today we have a senate where each state has an equal amount of representives (2). We also have the house of representatives where the amount of representatives is based on the population of the state.

Where do the members of Australia's Cabinet come from?

they come from the House of Representatives just like the PM

Which factor is the House of Representatives' membership based?

state population

Who proposed that Congress be unicameral without separation of the Senate and the House of Representatives?

New Jersey Plan

What is the difference between the new jersea plan and the Virginia Plan?

New Jersey plan only wanted one house in the legislative branch. One vote per offical per state. The VA plan wanted 2 houses. An upper house or Senate and a lower house the House of Representatives ( the people's house).