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Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist presided over the Court in 2000. President Nixon appointed Rehnquist to the Supreme Court as an Associate Justice in 1972, and President Reagan elevated him to Chief Justice in 1986. Rehnquist lead the Court until his death in 2005.

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Well that would be Bush v. Gore if you are referring to Supreme Court of the United States.

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Bush v Gore 531 US 98(2000)

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Q: What is the name of the US Supreme Court case that decided the 2000 presidentail election?
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What finally decided the outcome of the 2000 presidential election?

US Supreme Court

The winner of the 2000 presidential election was effectively decided by?

the Supreme Court halted the recount in Florida

George W Bush's victory in the presidental election of 2000 was finally decided by?

The U.S. Supreme CourtAnswerthe supreme court of americathe Supreme Court halted the recount in Florida

What was the significance of the Supreme Court decision bush v gore?

The Supreme Court Ended A Recount In Florida That Had Stalled The Election -Novanet

What events occurred during the 2000 presidential election?

The winner of the popular vote lost the election. The most unusual aspect was the involvement of the Florida Supreme Court and the US Supreme Court in the adjudication of irregular votes that could have changed the result of the election.

In the 2000 presidential election neither candidate had enough electoral votes to be declared a winner The election was decided by the Supreme Court due to much confusion during the recount What sta?


Who ultimately decided to end the recount of the votes in the 2000 election?

The 2000 election was determined by the American voting public. The official result was finally decided by Katherine Harris, Florida's Secretary of State, when she was forced to certified the original, official election results because results from the requests for extensive hand-recounting could not be submitted to the State before the statutorily-defined deadline. The Supreme court later upheld the decision.

What is an example of supreme court in a sentence?

The Supreme Court is one of the three branches of government. They appealed the decision to the Supreme Court.

Who decided whether or not the Supreme Court will review a cases?

who decides whether or not the supreme court will review a case

How does a person get on the US Supreme Court?

by nomination and election

What president was elected by a decision of the supreme court?

The Supreme Court does not have the power to appoint a president. You are probably referring to the election of 2000 when a portion of the Supreme Court denied another recount in Florida where the election was close . Florida's votes went to George W. Bush and he needed them to win the election. Later recounts seemed to indicate that Bush won, but some still say the election was decided by the court. Or in 1876, a panel which included five Supreme Court Justices and 10 Congressmen ruled on the credentials of several electors and ruled all the disputes in favor of Rutherford Hayes, giving him the election. Both Bush and Hayes lost the popular vote.

Who decided that segreation is illegal?

the us supreme court