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When it came to apportioning direct taxes, the northern states believed that slaves were not citizens and couldn't be counted as people. However, since the majority of the slave population was in the southern states, the northern states had less political power and representation in the government.

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Q: What is the northern view of the U.S. Constitution?
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What best describes Hamilton's view on how the US Constitution should be interpreted?

He favored a broad interpretation of the Constitution.

What does it mean to be an American citizen in view of the history of rights and the Federal Constitution of US?

The US constitution confers no rights to Americans as citizens. It does however, do so for US citizens.

How did the framers of the US Constitution view the issue of treaties?

America's founding fathers also had some framers of the Constitution in their ranks. Most historians agree that the founders and framers of the US Constitution envisaged the treaty making process to be the mutual agreement between US president and the US Senate.

What is the catholic point of view on the troubles in northern Ireland?

that the English don't give us the same rights.

When did the Constitution of the Northern Mariana Islands become effective?

The Constitution of the Northern Mariana Islands became effective on January 1, 1978.

How did federalist view the constitution?

they are in favor of it

How did antifederalists view the constitution?

they were not in favor of it

Who commanded the northern troops?

Ultimately, per the US Constitution, Abraham Lincoln as the Commander In Chief of the US armed forces; but for most of the Civil War, the field commander was General US Grant

What Person interprets the constitution as allowing the federal government to take only those actions that the constitution specifically permits?

That person would have a 'strict' construction view of the Constitution. The other view is termed a 'loose' construction. The loose view believes if the Constitution doesn't prohibit the act (or law) it is okay.

Why does the constitution support the death penalty?

The American Constitution doesn't prevent the Death Penalty, which is not the same as supporting.Another View: The US Constitution does not address Capital Punishment anywhere in the document. The only restriction on any type of punishment that is addressed in the Constitution is a prohibition agaionst "cruel and unusual punishment."

Do Elected officials still follow the US Constitution?

Regardless of their view on the U.S. Constitution, officials have to follow the Constitution because it is the supreme law of the land. However, there is a strict and loose interpretation of the Constitution, and modern politics is related to the loose interpretation making it seem like they don't follow it.

What is a broader view of the constitution called?