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it is called a presidentceremony

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Q: What is the official ceremony to make someone president called?
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What is the official term for the ceremony that swears the President into office?

It is called the "swearing-in ceremony" and it occurs during the president's "inauguration." Many years ago, presidents were inaugurated in early March, but these days, the event occurs on January 20.

What is the ceremony where the old President will turn over his duties to the new President?

This ceremony is called the Inaugaration. It includes the new president making a speech, and there is usually a formal dinner and ball.

This ceremony is held when a newly elected president swears loyalty to the constitution and takes office?

The ceremony is called the inauguration.

What is it called when a president is sworn into office?

The ceremony in which the President of the United States takes the oath of office is called an inauguration or the Presidential Inauguration.

What is it called when a president has to sign papers?

I have never heard it called anything but a signing ceremony held when the President signs something important such as a bill or treaty.

The new president makes a speech after the inauguration ceremony what is the speech called?

the inaugural address.

What is the ceremony where the president officially takes office is known as what?

Presidential InaugurationInaugurationInauguration.

What is it called to accuse the President or high official of wrong doing?

Not sure, but to take the president off their presidential seat is called impeachment.

The top official of each of the two major parties is called?

the president

What are the official dinners the president hosts for these leaders called?

State dinners

The president's official statement of objection to a bill is called?


Which group casts the official vote for president and vice president?

This group is called the electoral college; its members are called electors and the votes it casts are called electoral votes.