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The oldest camp in Maine is CAMP WYONEGONIC.

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Q: What is the oldest girls camp in Maine?
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What is the oldest camp in Maine?

Camp Timanous - founded in 1887 in Connecticut and moved to Maine in 1920.

What is the oldest running camp for boys and girls?

Camp Highlands for Boys

Where is camp Walden for girls in the movie the parent trap?

Yes it is it is in denmark maine I go there hehe it is an all girls camp

What is the oldest diner in Maine?

The Palace Diner in Biddeford is the oldest diner in Maine. It opened in 1926.

Is there a camp called camp star?

actualy yes there is a camp called camp star which is a sports camp in maine next to the beautiful camp camp matoaka. if you actually are looking forward to go to a camp in maine then i would go to camp matoaka camp star is more of a boys camp but it is for boys and girls so if you are a boy i would go to camp cobbossee in maine if you are a girl go to camp matoaka because it is a friendly and fun enviorment for kids and parents love it the food is great and the kids are all nice. if you are looking for a boy-girl camp i would go to camp lindenmere in pennysilvania, camp laurel in maine, or camp the answer is yes there is a camp thats name is camp vega. i hope you have fun choosing your camp!

What is girls camp?

it is a camp for girls!~

Where is camp matoaka?

Smithfield, Maine.

What is the motto of Maine Teen Camp?

The motto of Maine Teen Camp is 'MTC offers exciting training in art, music, crafts and sports!'.

Who is next to the oldest omg girls?

is omg girls doll the oldest

What is Camp Farwell's motto?

Camp Farwell's motto is 'Camp Farwell is the first girls summer camp in Vermont, the first girls summer camp in New England and the first girls summer camp in the United States!'.

Where is the location of the oldest tree in the planet?


What is the oldest museum in Maine?

Maine Maritime Museum created in 1962 till present