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There is more than one free country

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2008-08-03 00:44:30
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Q: What is the only free country in the world?
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Best place in the world?

The United States is the best place in the world because it is the only free country!

What countries aren't free?

lots of states aren't we are basically almost the only free country in the whole world.

Why do they pop fireworks on the 4th of July?

to celebrate our independence of being the only free country in the world.

Is America the only country that has free will?


Is America the only free country?


How is America a free country?

America is a free country as it has a democratic government and many rights for its people (the constitution). It isn't however the only free country.

How did the Declaration of Independence change the world?

the declaration of independence changed the world because we were a free country and out of Britain's rule and we were a free and independent country

Why only rich people are allowed to vote?

Not sure what country you are in. But in the free western world, all citizens are entitled to vote.

Is Facebook free abroad?

Facebook is free around the world, not just in whatever country in the world that you live in.

Which non-neutral European country was the only one free of Axis control during world war 2?

The only non-neutral European country that was completely free of Axis control during World War 2 was England. Russia was not defeated but did cede ground to German control during the fighting.

What is the most crime free country in the world?


What nonneutral country on the European continent was the only one to be free of axis control during World War 1?

The United Kingdom.

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