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Q: Most US Americans believe themselves to be?
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What reliion is most practiced in US?

About 80% of Americans identify themselves as Christian

What did most Americans believe the us should do at the outbreak of ww1?

Most Americans did not want to join the war... In fact, Woodrow Wilson (the president during WW1) wanted to be neutral, isolated instead of go into war.

What did Walter cronkite's television editorial suggest to us leaders?

if he did not believe in the war, Nither did most Americans or that Americans no longer believed the Vietnam war could be won <3 kelsmo :)

What did Americans believe was the manifest destiny of the US?

people use your BRAINS to answer this

For the US what were consequences of The War of 1812?

1)increase in patriotism 2)weakend native Americans 3)increase in American industry 4)proved themselves able to defend themselves against the most powerful armies

What is one difference in the way the US and Canada view immigration?

Only a third of Canadians believe immagration is a problem and not a opportunity. Most Americans see it as a problem.

How many people in the us believe in god?

most of the us believe in god

How did the 2010 US Census instruct Americans to classify themselves in relation to race?

The 2000 US Census allowed Americans to classify themselves as one or more races that they consider themselves to be. This allows for a more descriptive census than one that only allows respondents to say they are of mixed race.

Why did some Americans believe that the war in Germany did not concern the US?

because it was in another continent

Did many Americans believe that the us needed to expand its power overseas to ensure economic growth?

Many Americans did in fact believe that the US needed to expand its power overseas to ensure economic growth. Others believed that this would not help.

Why did many Americans believe that there were communists in the you.s. government?

1. communist spies in the US. 2.Social welfare programs. I hope this helps answer your question.

Joseph McCarthy investigative tactics found support among many Americans because?

There was widespread fear of communist infiltration in the US