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"Password is- and it is explained as an acronym- Fairest Among Thousands Altogether Lovely- FATAL. countersign is- ( what else?) Assault! let us hope they do not translate words into action, otherwise-"

The Order of the Eastern Star does not have a pledge. We take an obligation to bind us to the order. Our cabalistic word is indeed FATAL and the motto is Fairest Among Thousands All Together Lovely, however there is NO response, much less Assault. I can not think of the word assault appearing anywhere in our ritual.

Eastern Star is a fraternal organization dedicated to Charity, Truth, and Loving kindness. While its teachings are biblical, is not a religion, and it certainly is not Satanic. We support many charitable projects - cancer research, scholarships, service dogs, alzeihemers research, to name a few.

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to bind us together

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Q: What is the order of eastern star pledge?
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When was Order of the Eastern Star created?

Order of the Eastern Star was created in 1850.

Why are there 5 points on the Eastern Star symbol?

what is order of the Eastern Stars

What is the difference between the eastern star and the masons?

They are both fraternal organizations but the only connection is in order to be in the Order of Eastern Star (OES) you must have a male relative that is/was a mason.

What has the author Ruth E Raines written?

Ruth E. Raines has written: 'O.E.S. in Connecticut' -- subject(s): Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Eastern Star. Connecticut

Are there female abuse in freemasons Order of Eastern Star?

No. Not at all.

Which Biblical figures are represented on the Order of the Eastern Star emblem?

Martha, Ruth, Adah, and Esther are all on the Eastern Star emblem. The Eastern Star emblem is to represent biblical teachings, but is open to all religions.

What does Palm Sunday mean in the Order of Eastern Star?

Palm Sunday is Palm Sunday. It doesn't mean anything different to members of the Eastern Star.

What is Ruth's in the order of eastern star?

In the Order of the Eastern Star, Ruth represents steadfastness and loyalty. Ruth is one of the biblical heroines that members of the organization aim to embody through their actions and values.

What has the author Margaret L Schneider written?

Margaret L. Schneider has written: 'Crowning a century' -- subject(s): History, Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Eastern Star. Grand Chapter of Illinois

Why does an eastern star have 5 points?

The five points on an Eastern Star symbolize the five points of the star in the biblical story of the Star of Bethlehem, representing the qualities of virtue, wisdom, loyalty, faith, and love. These values are central to the Order of the Eastern Star, a fraternal organization that promotes friendship, charitable work, and personal growth.

Where did Maya angelou become an eastern star?

Maya Angelou became a member of the Order of the Eastern Star at Excelsior #1 in San Francisco, California. She joined the organization in 1954.

What does oes mean in relation with text messaging?

Order of the Eastern Star